State Chairman Elections

State Chairman Elections Coming Soon!

Nominations Requested

 Nominations for State Administrative Committee Chairman must be in hand March 12, 2016.  Form below:

1.         State Administrative Committee Chairmen (SACC) shall be elected by the Professional members of the Women’s Program in their respective states.

2.        They shall serve for two (2) years and be elected in the spring on even- numbered years.

3.        Elections to be completed by April 15th. Term of office to begin July 1st.

Criteria for nominations:

  • Nominees must be USA Gymnastics Women’s Program professional members for a minimum of two years in the state program in which they seek election
  • Nominees must be at least 21 years old and be members in good standing.
  • It is strongly recommended that the State Committee Chairman candidates have financial skills, organizational skills, communication skills, a working knowledge of the program and the willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Duties and responsibilities of the SACC:

The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) is responsible for the overall organization of all designated qualifying events and programs within their State. The State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) shall work in close cooperation with the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC), Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) and the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) to effectuate State programs. Any problems that cannot be solved by the State Administrative Committee Chairman (SACC) should be submitted to the appropriate regional personnel.

For specific job responsibilities of State Administrative Committee Chairs, please see pages 23-26 of the Women’s Operating Code found online at

    Nomination form for State Chairman

 Duplicate as needed


Name of Nominee: _____________________________________________

Address of Nominee:____________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: _________ Zip: ____________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

Email:  _____________________________________________________

Mail completed form to: Rick Nelson S73 W17240 Lake Dr. Muskego, WI 53150 or e-mail complete information to

Mailed and e-mailed forms must be in the hands of the Regional Chair no later than March 12, 2016.  Any nominations received after this date will not be accepted.


6-11-15 Region 4 board minutes


Great Regional Meet!

Congratulations to all Region 4 competitors and coaches on a successful Regional Championships. A big THANK YOU to TCT and their entire organization for putting on a first class event.  The time, energy and effort put forth by their group allowed the athletes and coaches to feel a part of something special. They will represent Region 4 well as hosts of the 2013 Jr. Olympic National Championships!

For future information on TCT meets visit

Training Camps A Big Success!

Thanks for attending the Region 4 Training Camps! The camps were very well attended and it was great atmosphere for everyone who attended.
A special thanks to Eagles Gymnastics in Kansas City, MO and TAGS Gymnastics in Apple Valley, MN for hosting the events. Region 4 also wants to thank the following people for their time and effort in making the camps a huge success:

Kim Fuchs
Kari Lords (Louthan)- Southern Utah University
Tom Haley – Oklahoma University
Lou Ball – Oklahoma University
David McCreary – University of Washington
Liang Qaio – Chow’s Gymnastics
Steve Shephard – Penn State University
Jeff Graba – University of Utah
Jay Santos – Iowa State University
Melissa Kutcher Reinhart – University of Denver
Meg Stephenson – University of Minnesota
Shannon Welker – University of Michigan
Robin Ruegg
Robin Smith
Barb Tebben
Suzanne Hecht
Linda Thorberg
Julia Thompson

The following clubs attended the camps and benefited from the great event! Thanks for doing your best to improve as professionals and as athletes. Your dedication to Region 4 is appreciated!

Team Central
Dynamics – MO
Success Gymnastics
NorthShore WI
Flipz USA
Hawekeye Gym Stars
Mississippi Valley Gymnastics
TAGS South
Perpetual Motion
Great Northern
Mini Hops
North Shore Minnesota
Gleasons MG
Nebraska Gold
Midwest Twisters

2013 Compulsory Survey!

The Jr. Olympic Committee has a meeting November 13th-15th in Omaha where we begin construction and choreography of the 2013-2021 compulsory routines. The link below is for a survey to be completed that will allow us to have the input of members prior to the meeting. Thanks everyone and please do this today! Please contact Bryon Hough at with any questions.