Age Group Numbers & Rankings

Click on the link below to see the updated draw  (sessions 5 and 7 were changed):

Draw 4-11

Click on the link below to see the athletes registered for each session:

Session Registration 4-10

For information on  Jr. Olympic Nationals,  Level 9 Westerns visit the Region IV Qualifiers tab. This has all information related to those meets.

We will be updating the site with training information, apparel and uniform information and much more as we get closer to the meet.


 2018 West Level 9 JR age group chart

2018 West Level 9 SR age group chart

2018 Level 10 age group chart

Sunday Level 8 Age Group Chart

To see UNOFFICIALLY how many are qualified to regionals in each age group at level 9 and 10 click the links below following the state meets.

Disclaimer: These rankings will be very rough. They use the state meet score for each athlete. Remember that each state has different judges and the scoring can not be compared from meet to meet. The rankings also do not tell you what kind of meet the athlete had. For example the gymnast may have fallen 5 times and that is why she is ranked lower. She may also have been over scored significantly and be ranked higher. Please use these only to get a rough idea if your athlete may have a chance to make it to the next meet. .  We will not take questions or inquiries on these rankings, however COACHES that see errors in regards to age group assignments may notify Paige. – Please no Parent Emails, coaches only. Parent emails will not be answered.

We will update this as changes are made.

Level 10 Regional Qualifiers

Level 9 Regional Qualifiers