Regional Qualification Procedures

Level 9 & 10 Gymnasts

34.00 AA at State Meet
9.00 for Event Specialists at the State Meet – A specialist is an athlete that declares to be a specialist while entering the state meet. She must also compete in 3 events or less. No petitions will be accepted for specialists to Regionals.

Level 8 Gymnasts

Level 8 Super Team –  (63 Gymnasts)

  • Top 9 Level 8 gymnasts from each State, regardless of age group
  • Top 8 Gymnasts compete in their respective State Team Group, #9 Gymnast competes in the All State Group
  • All Gymnasts scores are eligible to count towards the Team Score (Top 5 out the 9 scores on each event)
  • Gymnasts will be split into three Age Groups, Child/Junior/Senior for individual awards

Level 8 Invitational – Individual Sessions – Sunday All Day

  • All Level 8 gymnasts will qualify by scoring 34.00+ AA at State Meet
  • No Specialists are allowed at the Level 8 Region 4 Championships. Level 8’s must qualify or be petitioned in the AA.

For the Level 8’s there will be two sets of equipment with two judge panels on each set. Therefore running two meets simultaneously.  Please have enough coaches.

The procedure for Petitions to Regionals will be as follows:

  • USAG Injury Petition Rules are available download (.pdf)
  • Download the USAG Petition Form
  • Per R&P page 78 You must notify RTCC (Linda Thorberg) and JOCC (Paige Roth) of the intent to petition by the MONDAY after the state meet. All required paperwork must be submitted within 3 days of the completion of your State Meet. (By Wednesday following)
  • Submit the Petition form with a copy of your meet results to Linda Thorberg – R4-TCC (Email Only – Linda4rtc@aol.com)
  • Gymnasts wishing to petition must enter the Regional Championships at their State Meet and paid for.  It should be noted on the entry form that they are a Petition.
  • If the Petition is not approved the entry fee will be refunded.

Level 8, 9 & 10 Petition score is a 35.00 AA.

Questions regarding these petition procedures may be directed to the JO Chair.