Apparel Basics

Here is some basic Region 4 Apparel Info.

Coaches Shirt Assignments

  • Workout Day Both Meets (Westerns and JO’s) – Purple Training Day  t-shirt
  • Friday Westerns Black shirt
  • Saturday Both Meets (Westerns and JO’s) Grey Shirt w/black shoulders
  • Sunday Both Meets (Westerns and JO’s)  Purple shirt
  • JO Nationals jacket  (Black Jackets – was issued at regionals)
  • Wear Black Pants or Shorts on all days

All coaches on the floor at Westerns and JO Nationals must be in the Region 4 attire. 2 Coaches per club will be outfitted for free for any club that qualifies 1-5 athletes to the Level 9 Western Meet and/or The JO National meet. Clubs with 6-9 are allowed to outfit 3 coaches at no charge. Clubs that qualify 10 or more will have additional coaches outfitted at no charge. If you have less than 10 athletes qualify and want additional coaches outfitted, then you must order and pay for the apparel.

Please make sure you know what to wear each day and follow the dress code. This is not an option, it is required by the region and we appreciate your support.

Athlete competition apparel may be picked up at the GK booth all day during workout days or during the competition. They will also march in in the GK warm ups. Level 9 athletes can wear a leo of their own for workout day. Level 10 athletes will wear the Region 4 tank leo provided to them by the region and included with their GK apparel. It can be picked up prior to the workout at the meet.

**Note for 1st alternates for Region 4 at JO’s – Athletes WILL be able to receive apparel!