How Do I Qualify?

Please refer to pages 87 of the 2016-17 Rules and Policies for further explanation of the format for Westerns and Nationals. Click here to view that chapter. You will have to scroll through the pages. **THERE ARE NEW QUALIFYING PROCEEDURES FOR 2017**

Level 10 JO Nationals

The number of age groups is 12 with seven(7) athletes per region per age division qualifying. *Assuming they meet the criteria*

Each session will include one age divisions of fifty-six (56) gymnasts.

The number 8 gymnast is the 1st Alternate (We encourage 1st Alternates to attend  and be prepared for the JO meet if called up – (Alternates attending and training will recieve aparel and training camp discount)

  • Receives all the Regional Apparel – **National GK Apparel may not be awarded
  • Should fill out papaerwork for JO’s – indicate alternate
  • Is allowed to workout with her Team on Training Day

The number 9 gymnast is the 2nd Alternate.

  • Should fill out all paper work for JO’s  – indicate 2nd alternate
  • Should size for apparel, but does not receive apparel unless picked up to compete

The age groups to JO Nationals will posted on this website as well as state and region sites.

Level 9 Westerns –  **Regional Team Competition Format

The number of age groups is 16 , with seven (7) athletes per region per age division qualifying. #8 is the first alternate. (Total of 112 athletes) There will be 8 sessions of competition with 2 age groups per session.

Points will be awarded based on each age groups team placement for each region.

The age groups to Westerns will be posted on this website as well as meet sites.

Questions regarding these procedures may be directed to the JO Chair.