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Any Gymnast hits all 4 events at either Level 10 Nationals or Level 9 Westerns receives a leotard with “4 for IV”  on it in recognition of their accomplishment.

Here is how you decide if you earned a 4 for 4 leotard: (Please remember this is an honor system, we rely on the coaches holding their athletes and themselves to the requirements listed in awarding the leotard. This program is meant to reward “Hitting” at the national meets. We are in a team competition and hitting the routines, vs gambling on new skills is the point of this award.)

The official decision regarding 4 for 4 leos is made by the athletes coach. We will not be accepting contacts from parents in regard to the 4 for 4 leotards. We ask that all inquiries and submissions come from the coach or club.

I explain the procedure for deciding if the athlete earned one as a three question process:

1. Did she make the routine as it was supposed to be made?
2. Did she receive credit for the start value that was planned?
3. Was the routine completed without falls or major errors/wobbles?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions then you qualify for a leo.

All leotards will be shipped directly to the clubs this year! This will expedite the process.

The deadline for submission is June 30th. Failure to submit the form by that date will mean your athletes will not receive their leotard. Please make sure that you only have one coach per club to fill out the form. Last year we had duplicates and parents filling out the forms with different info than the coaches. If we are in doubt of any information we will call the coach.

Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson

Region 4 Administrative Chair

Linda  Thorberg

Linda Thorberg

Region 4 Technical Chair

Paige  Roth

Paige Roth

Region 4 JO Chair

Megan Robinson

Megan Robinson

Region 4 Xcel Chair

Phone: 5156696556